The cheer team is having an exceptional year at Western Canada High school in 2015. They are an essential part of Western’s long history of school pride. The team has made some incredible appearances at various games including some of their more exciting ones at the Sr. RIT games.

Ms. Cameron, the Cheer coach at Western, describes her team as being focused, talented and most importantly, athletic. With a wealth of experience, she builds a strong and united team effort by focusing on higher level movements and choreography.

“Because of the stunting that we do, the team has to come first," Ms. Cameron explains. "They actually do completely depend on each other; they completely work as a unit. They learn that they absolutely do rise or fall as a team."

“I love being able to get involved with the school, to be able to bring school spirit and to support our teams as much as they support us.” Shoshanna Paperny, Western Canada High School Cheer Athlete

Tulika Bali, Journalism 25/35