The 2016 Jr. Football season starts in the fall!

2016 Generic Tryout Authorization Form

“Earn it” is the motto the Redhawks Junior Football team so proudly follows.
It is a perfect representation of the tenacity these young athletes hold in their hearts. It is a motto that displays how willing they are to achieve whatever they put their minds to. The Redhawks are fighters - they strive for victory. 
The team’s coach, Mr. Phillips, is proud of the team’s mentality and the team’s structure. Their goals are to play with class, to have fun and to have a great experience.
In 2014, the Redhawks won four games and went to the division 2 semifinals, a great achievement for the young team. The future is bright for the program, and every year will bring new athletes that will all get their chance to Earn It out on the field.
Daniele Pieroni, Journalism 25/35

“Playing for the Jr. Football team was an amazing thing to be apart of” - Ben Grondin, Athlete, Jr. Boys Football

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