Western Canada has had a long history of success and triumph in rugby which has earned it 14 total championships. This year’s Junior Boys Rugby team looks to attach its name to the extensive and dominant history of Western Canada Rugby. As the new season approaches, the boys are eager to display their physical prowess and dominance on the field.

Led by their coach, Mr. Zajiczek, this new squad promises to be one of Westerns most impressive and unrelenting rugby squads. These boys are relatively inexperienced, however they make up for this with their relentless training, quick learning and dedicated camaraderie with one objective in mind, the city championship.

The dedication towards development and improvement from the athletes and their capacity to endure pain is what separates Western Canada from the rest.
Feroz Khidri, Journalism 25/35 

“My mindset for this year is growth. I want the players to learn something every practice, and improve upon something every practice. Whether we win or lose a game is not as important as learning from the game. I want the players to come away stronger players after each game and practice. If they can do that, I think I will have done my job as a coach.” Mr. Peter Zajiczek, Head Coach Jr. Boys Rugby 

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