Swim & Dive

The swim and dive team is an excellent program at Western Canada High School. It is a great way to get to know other students and teachers outside of a classroom environment. Being involved on the swim and dive team is something that can better one’s life by achieving a sense of health and wellness and a feeling of accomplishment. 

This season the athletes on the team showed determination and gumption, and the students (especially those who were less experienced) looked to one and another for tips and advice. Spencer Wildman worked especially hard this season, working to promote the dive team after a hired coach backed out at the last minute.
Caitlin Yardley, Journalism 25/35

“My favorite part about Swim and Dive is that I can have some impact on student’s lives in a way that is not directly related to school, and that I can pass on some knowledge about swimming to them as well” Mr. Komljenovic, Head Coach of Swim and Dive - Western Canada High School.