The wresting team is a very unique team-building program that is offered at Western Canada High School. This program is exclusive as there are only two high schools in Calgary that have a specific facility for wrestling and Western Canada is one of them. Unlike other teams, players do not get cut and the coaches are able to enter as many athletes into competitions as they can. The team practices for roughly 40% of the school year, goes from November to March and is for both genders.

The coaches, Craig Dubray and Jim Parker, both wrestled at the university level for five years and Craig has also competed at nationals. Mr. Raymer, the teacher-in-charge of the wrestling program, proudly states that “We are doing very well even though we are small in numbers.” 

Coaches of the wrestling team encourage everyone who is interested to come out next year … don’t be shy!
- Jin Choung, Journalism 25/35

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